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It is well known, that Canada accepts immigrants, on the merits of skilled trades, managerial level occupations, and professionals.

The office of Joel E. Tencer has a high success rate under skilled workers applications. Due to our thorough understanding and assessment of the procedures we are able to help prospective individuals to successfully complete the many legal requirements to immigrate to Canada under the skilled worker application.

Please complete the free self assessment application to initiate your skilled worker application.

As of January 1, 2015, Immigration Canada is using an express entry system, whereby if you have experience in a skilled occupation and English or French language proficiency, and other acceptable factors you may apply to Immigration Canada.

If your application is accepted and you are invited to apply for a permanent immigration visa, your application will be fast-tracked, and be able to arrive in Canada in about six months.

There is a list of occupations under the Skilled Worker Immigration program acceptable to Immigration Canada, in order to be eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada.

Every few weeks Immigration Canada will draw out which skilled worker applicants will be invited to submit an application to come to Canada.

Some examples of eligible Skilled Worker occupations are:

  • Doctors
  • Accountant
  • Senior managers
  • Health care practitioners
  • Construction manager
  • Senior managers
  • Engineers
  • Financial analyst
  • Database analyst
  • Computer network technician
  • Professors
  • Early childhood educators

What is the Express Entry Program?

Citizenship and Immigration introduced a new program popularly known as Express Entry Program. The Program is a new complex application management process for prospective skilled immigrants inside and outside Canada under the economic Immigration Category. 

The program is designed with the intent to attract prospective skilled immigrants from inside (Foreign workers & International Students) and outside Canada to fill up labor shortages in Canada. The program helps to fill up job vacancies created in Canada due to retiring baby boomers and the low birth rate among Canadians. The program facilitates more recruitment processes for skilled workers from outside Canada including Immigration to Canada within a period of less than 6 months.

The program promotes employers more hiring process of skilled workers from outside as the Immigration process with valid job offers faster. The program is designed to attract more active skilled immigrants from outside Canada with the intent of prospective skilled workers to be economically established earlier and contribute to Canada’s economy. That is why the program introduces requirements of valid job offers from the Canadian employers in addition to other basic requirements in terms of education documents evaluation from CIC designated institutions and minimum requirement of IELTS General Training scores in all the modules of the exam.

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