Become an Agricultural Worker in Canada

Eligible Occupations

Apiary technician, Apiary worker, Baler - agriculture, Baling machine operator - farm, Barn worker, Bee farm worker, Beef cattle farm worker, Beekeeping technician, Binder operator - agriculture, Cattle ranch labourer, Cattle ranch worker, Chick sexer, Chicken catcher, Chore hand - agriculture, Combine operator, Cowboy/cowgirl, Cowhand, Cowpuncher, Cropsprayer machine operator, Cultivator operator, Custom harvest crewperson, Dairy farm labourer, Dairy farm worker, Dairy hand, Egg Candler, Egg collector, Egg gatherer, Egg grader, Egg grading machine tender, Egg grading station labourer, Egg packer - farm, Egg picker - poultry, Egg processing machine tender, Farm equipment operator, Farm hand, Farm labourer, Farm machinery operator, Farm worker, Farrowing technician, Feedlot assistant, Feedlot worker, Feedyard assistant, Feedyard worker, Field and vegetable crop labourer, Field crop and vegetable-growing worker, Fruit examiner - agriculture, Fruit farm labourer, Fruit farm worker, Fruit farming labourer, Fruit tree pruner, Fruit tree thinner, Fur farm worker, Fur farming worker, Fur ranch labourer, General farm worker, Grafter - orchard, Grain farm labourer, Grain farm worker, Groom - farm, Harvester machine operator, Hatchery worker, Hay baler operator - agriculture, Herd hand, Herder - stockyards, Hog farm worker, Honey farm worker, Horse breaker, Incubator tender - agriculture, Irrigation worker - agriculture, Irrigator - agriculture, Lamb feedlot worker, Livestock driver, Livestock labourer, Livestock weigher, Livestock yard attendant, Livestock yardman/woman, Maple syrup maker, Maple tapping worker, Market garden worker, Milk production labourer, Milking machine tender, Mushroom farm worker, Oilseed crop worker, Orchard worker, Organic farm worker, Pasture rider, Penrider, Pheasant farm worker, Poultry farm labourer, Poultry farm worker, Poultry yard cleaner, Racehorse exerciser, Ranch hand, Ranch worker, Sheep feedlot worker, Sheep shearer, Soya bean crop worker, Stable assistant, Stable hand, Stable worker, Stableman/woman, Stock attendant, Stockyard attendant, Sugar bush worker, Sugar-beet farm worker, Swine technician, Threshing machine operator, Tobacco curer, Tobacco farm worker, Tobacco harvesting machine operator, Tobacco primer, Tractor operator - farm, Vegetable farm worker, Vegetable thinner, Vineyard pruner, Vineyard worker

Nursery and Greenhouse Workers

Cannabis trim worker, Cannabis trimmer, Christmas tree shearer, Christmas tree trimmer, Forest assistant nursery, Forest nursery worker, Greenhouse worker, Grower- cannabis, Hand sprayer - greenhouse, Horticulture worker, Horticulturist helper, Hothouse worker, Hydroponics worker, Interior plantscaper, Nursery worker, Plant propagator - greenhouse or nursery, Tree grafter - nursery

General Requirements for Applicants





Secondary school diploma

College courses in agriculture related field

Not required

Agri-Food Pilot

Application Deadline

The current program will run until May 2023.

Eligible industries and occupations



meat product manufacturing

Retail butchers
Industrial butchers
Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
Food processing labourers

greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production, including mushroom production

Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers

General farm workers

Harvesting labourers

animal production, excluding aquaculture

  • cattle ranching and farming
  • hog and pig farming
  • poultry and egg production
  • sheep and goat farming
  • other animal production

Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers

General farm workers

Requirements for Applicants

Canadian work experience

Applicants must have eligible Canadian work experience that must be:

  • a minimum of 1 year of non-seasonal, full-timework in the past 3 years (at least 1,560 hours)
  • in 1 or more of the eligible occupations listed under 1 of the eligible industries
  • through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with a minimum 12-month duration.

Canadian job offer

Applicants must have a genuine job offer that meets all of the following requirements:

  • The job must be in an eligible occupation listed under 1 of the eligible industries.
  • The job must be full time (at least 30 paid hours per week) and non-seasonal.
  • The employment is permanent (no set end date).
  • For unionized positions, the wage must be determined by the applicable collective agreement.
  • For non-unionized positions, the wage must meet or exceed the Job Bank’s prevailing (median) wagefor the occupation listed on your job offer in the province of employment (or at the national level if no provincial rate is available).
  • The job offer must be for a job in Canada outside of Quebec.

Language requirements

Applicants must reach at least Level 4 in one of Canada’s official languages (English or French). For English, it is equivalent to 3.5 in Reading, 4.0 in Writing, 4.5 in Speaking and 4.0 in Listening in IETLS General Training. The test results must be less than 2 years old when applicants apply for this program.

Educational requirements

Applicants must have at least a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent. An educational credential assessment (ECA) report needs to be obtained for those who completed their education outside Canada.

Settlement funds

Applicants need to prove that they have enough funds to support themselves and their family members including their spouses or partner and dependent children whether they are not coming to Canada or not. The funds available will depend on the applicant’s family size and are updated every year. If the applicants are already working in Canada with a valid work permit when they apply, they don’t need to provide proof of settlement funds.

The table below shows the minimum amount applicant needs to immigrate to Canada in 2020. The minimum amounts are updated every year.

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