British Columbia sits on the west coast and is a melting pot of many cultures. Business owners benefit from its geographical location being closest to the eastern hemisphere, low taxes, and multicultural workforce. British Columbia seeks to attract investment and new business creation to the province. Applicants with business experience and who meet the necessary net worth and investment amounts can apply for a temporary work permit to develop their business. After two years, if the applicant meets the requirement of the program, the applicant can apply to become a permanent resident.

A Path To Permanent Residence

The British Columbia Business immigration program provides a path to permanent residence after at least 2 years of operating your company. Applicants must meet the conditions on which their work permits were issued to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.
Our team of Canadian business immigration experts will guide you through the process of the Self-Employed business program, work permit applications and permanent residence for the entire family.

Program Benefits:

  • Get a work permit to operate your business.
  • Live, work and settle in the province of British Columbia.
  • Become a Permanent Resident in 2-3 years.

Program Requirements:

  • Applicant must have net worth of $600,000 CAD (alone or combined
    with spouse)
  • Make a personal investment of $200,000 CAD in your proposed
    business and must acquire at least 66% equity interest
  • Create at least one (1) full time job for a Canadian
  • In the past ten (10) years, must have experience in at least one of the
  1. Minimum of three (3) years of experience as owner-manager, or
  2. Minimum of four (4) years as a senior manager, or
  3. A combination of one (1) year as owner-manager plus two (2)
    years as senior manager
  • Completed post-secondary education OR at least three years as an
    active business owner-manager with 100% ownership in the business
    in the five (5) years prior to the submission of the application
  • Be proficient in English with a minimum level of CLB 4

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